Knitted Sweater With Lace


The sweater has a clean, quad topology, and is in real-world scale (the length is 57.6 cm). It is single-sided. UVs are laid out to allow for good pattern placement and don't overlap. No subdivision is provided but it can be added without significant texture distortion.

The mesh uses a 2k texture set. Individual maps (colour, roughness, normal, metallic) are available, as well as compound ones (albedo-transparency, metallic-smoothness). Extra maps - Opacity and AO - are also included. Unzip the textures before working with the .blend file.

The .blend file contains 3 meshes with 1 material each. Each mesh is placed in its own collection. If you intend to link a collection to a different file, reset the location first.

The sweater is exported to: Collada, Alembic, FBX, and Wavefront. Please note that the materials might need to be assembled manually from the provided textures when you import the asset into your chosen 3D software.

Extended Use License
License: Extended Commercial License
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For use on an unlimited number of commercial projects with no limits on sales or views.

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