Winter Sweater


The sweater has a clean, quad-based topology, and is in real-world scale. The mesh is mostly single-sided, with extra geometry added for the rim pieces. The UVs are carefully laid out to allow for good pattern placement. One level of subdivision is provided in the .blend file, but the modifier isn't applied, and the texture can be used without it (base geometry = 2440 tris, with subdivision = 9760 tris). The modifier is, however, applied in the exported formats.

The sweater is a single mesh and uses 1 PBR texture set (2k): colour, metallic, roughness, normal and height maps are available. There are 3 materials created in the .blend file (one for each colour variation), and they can be quickly swapped - please see the video for detailed instructions. The non-colour textures are used only once and are placed neatly in a node group.

The sweater is also exported to: Collada, Alembic, FBX, Stanford, Wavefront and Stl. Please note that the materials might need to be assembled manually from the provided textures when you import the asset into your chosen 3D software.

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